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With you can show your followers what products you are using in your videos.

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You can't put links into your TikTok videos. We change that!


Interact with your audience

Your followers want to know what products you use in your videos. Whether it is your dress, lipstick or a new gadget.


Easy to manage

Just create a specific code, fill it with links and put the code into your video. Done in seconds!


Collab Options

Using allows you to track brand parternships how they should be.

As easy as eating 🍕

  • 1 - Create an account and set up your personal profile
  • 2 - Create a new code for your next video and add all the links that you want
  • 3 - Put the code in your video description, comments or the video itself

Please don't take my money is available for free. No hidden costs, subscriptions or anything. Supporting the creator community is currrently our #1 priority.

$0 / mo

Almost too good to be true!

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